[ree-boot] Muscle Recovery

[ree-boot] Muscle Recovery

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P3 Reboot
Branched Chain Amino Acids

*5000 mg of BCAAs
*Builds Lean Muscle
*Speeds Recovery

50 Servings



[ree-boot] contains a blend of Branched Chain Amino Acids and Glutamine that support lean muscle and recovery from intense workouts. Because BCAAs cannot be built by the body from other compounds, it is necessary to get them  diet and supplementation. Adding [ree-boot] to your training regimen will maximize your results.

Branch Chain Amino Acids are more important than almost any other compound we can consume, but they are the ones that are often neglected. BCAAs help with soreness and muscle repair which occurs from working out or other strenuous activities. There is often the misconception that BCAA consumption is only for bodybuilders. However, they are beneficial to everyone who puts their bodies through intense training. Here are some tips for putting BCAAs at the top of your supplement list:

1. Consume after working out. Taking BCAAs following a workout helps to begin the recovery process for muscles that have been broken down during training.

2. Consume at bedtime. The recovery process is at its peak when our bodies are in a resting state. Taking BCAAs at bedtime increases its benefits.

3. Consume several times a day. BCAAs should not only be consumed post work out and at bedtime on days that you train, but also on off days several times each day. Take BCAAs 2-4 times a day by adding them to a smoothie or any other beverage.